Sunday, March 14, 2010

If you should see Gagner or Sons Of Thor by the side of the road, kill them so that they may live forever.

I am not averse to travelling great distances for my friends. I am not averse to going to Peterborough. I have come down for the B.A. Johnston record release party for Stairway To Hamilton as well as for the filming of Gagnerok last January.

Today was different though. Today was the last show of both Sons Of Thor and Gagner.

Sons Of Thor have gone through a number of line up changes since they started. I remember when Drew and Blair were screaming the vocals while Matt, Pete, Chris and Tom played the drums, bass, guitar and keyboard respectively. Blair's gone off to BC and Matt long left the group. Tom actually came back for this show which was pretty awesome but the real reasons that this is the last SoT show are in my interview video with Drew which is over on my youtube channel, I'll give it a proper link when I get home. The big surprise was the vocals of Liam who I didn't even recognize, he used to work at the MoHo, has since grown his hair, changed his facial hair and lost a chunk of weight. It was loud and brutal and awesome. Chris is one of the most amazing guitar players I know. This saddened me but the show was awesome.

The Moho show...

It was a benefit for Trent Radio, go them :) Imet up with the illustrious Cin Wicked who had gotten there early and put up with the early celtic st patricks day stuff. He's pretty awesome and a half :)

Jill Stavely started the night, she talked about Trent Radio, about being a new mother, and played some beautiful songs. She is one of the brightest lights this city has ever offered to anyone anywhere.

Following Jill came an act new to me called Gin And Sparrows, a combination of a banjo, a violin and some of the most gorgeous vocal harmonies ever uttered in that space.

Then there was Gagner. I remixed their first album, was there for the recording of the second and have the dvd on my iPod. I'm familiar with the material in an almost carnal sense. I don't think I've danced like that in ages. The interplay between Matt, Drew and Pete is nothing short of glorious and despite what their myspace says, they will be sorely missed. So I heard you say you don't respect someone who's gone and I just said I don't believe in magic.

Tarantula closed the night. We didn't stay. Cin had to get the bus and I wanted to get some food before the Nanohouse party. It was a good party by the way. The arcade cabinet and projector setup is AMAZING.

Still, I suppose it's time to ruminate on getting older and friends and acquaintances having kids and all that. You know what? Honestly, good on 'em. I hope they raise awesome kids. There is, indeed, hope for the future.

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