Saturday, December 12, 2009

Thursday, December 3, 2009

TAL Elec7roII, Stylophone, Uglyverb, LFX-1310 reviews

Okay, so this week is a review of 2 synths and 2 effects, ready? Go!

Synth Of The Week

TAL Elec7ro II

I have a special place in my heart for the Togu Audio Line lineup of synths, especially the bass synth however the first Elec7ro never really did all that much for me. This updated version however gave the UI a welcome colour update and improved sound and oscillation. Also, where the original Elec7ro had a few settings but plenty of open patches, the extra patches have been filed up by a variety of new modes for the synth allowing for a greater out-of-the-box as it were experience for newer users. There are some differences between the new synth and the old if you listen to some of the patches that graduated in. The FX Digital Dust patch is much clearer and more responsive. Speaking of which, the built in effects are of the same build as the original Elec7ro but better sounding oscillators means better sounding effects. A+ all around.

Interface:    5/5
Sound:        5/5
Responsiveness:    5/5

Score:        Holy crap! 100%! Party time!

Superwave Stylophone

It's monophonic, it's accurate going by Stylophone use from Brett Domino's videos (they are awesome, check them out) and it looks nice. Sadly, this is more of a novelty. It sounds closer to an actual Stylophone than an older VST called Styrofoam which is in stereo, has the full range of the keyboard itself and sounds like you bought a synth in a junk shop. The limitations surrounding Superwave's Stylophone VST are both its greatest novelty and greatest detractor: There are 20 available keys, it's monophonic and it has its own built in vibrato setting. That's it. That's all.

Interface:    3/5
Sound:        2/5
Responsiveness:    4/5

Score:        60%

Synthgeek Uglyverb

A friend of mine once told me he wanted a guitar that sounded like a dirty old whore. Personally, I like synths that sound dirty, broken and sometimes out and out horrid. This VST effect plugin does an admirable job making the clean sound dirty and echoed to hell. I applied this with the built in "Total Smear" patch to the Stylophone and the difference was incredible, bleeding over to the right hand side and sounding like said dirty old whore. The interface is somewhat difficult to read, but there are plenty of options to choose from and each has a notable effect on the sound.

Interface:    3/5
Sound Effect:    5/5
Responsiveness:    5/5

Score        87%

Luxonix LFX-1310

This effect plugin acts more as an afterthought. While I stand by my dirty old whore preferences in the review of Uglyverb, this plugin can hold its own in that department with almost everything except reverb. This VST effect allows you to pick three different virtual effect options including distortion, reverb, delay, compression and affectations like flange and chorus. Even on high settings, the reverb has a very short release time. The settings are general enough to be effective but there is very little wow factor here. Even when the knobs are turned up to full for any effect, it feels like the LFX 1310 is holding back somehow.

Interface:    3/5
Sound Effect:    4/5
Responsiveness:    3/5
Score:        66%